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Many tourists visit our beloved capital as the beauty of the Hungarian girls is nearly legendary. For example, if an American is in Budapest for the first time he thinks that there is something wrong with him because he can see only catwalk girls in the streets directly from a fashion magazine. Of course, it would be easy to make any comparison with American women since you can see pretty and sexy girls only in the movies and we can be glad not being banged by an elephant-size lady. Comparing them with the European average, Hungarian girls are nice and sexy and what is more important they enjoy life and sex. It is no wonder why Budapest has become the capital of sex. If somebody visits Budapest it is natural that these two ideas are matched: SEX-BUDAPEST. If a tourist goes round with open eyes in the street, at a bar or at a disco he is sure to meet some kind of sexual adventure in Budapest nightlife. All in all if you are single (or not) and looking for some adventures sex will find you in Budapest as the girls have different attitude to sex in Budapest than in Western Europe. Here you can feel sexual freedom.


Go to partyes - the begin of sex Budapest


The erotic and sensual lust of Budapest by night is unique especially at springtime and summer when parties and fun have great importance. If you visit a club you will experience that it is not very difficult to get in touch with girls and at the end of the night sexual actions are guaranteed. It may sound strange to a foreigner but having sex and fun is the same in Hungary. Going to parties in Budapest is equal to having sex.


Sexual culture has always been open in Budapest. It is typical for all Hungary as well. This kind of sexual mentality can be compared to oriental sexual culture, but what you can experience in Budapest is somehow different. It originates from our cultural history and the connection with Europe. Affection to life has been unbroken despite of difficulties and bad conditions. It has its peak in the love of sex as you can find the same attitude in countries or groups with southern temperament. The foreign invasion and the abuse of the Hungarian girls in the 80’s were quite harmful for the Hungarian sex tourism but you will be welcome here. Everybody visited Hungary to find cheap sex which they could get and Hungarian girls had no other memories than bad sex and a night out. It is hopefully not true now. On one hand Budapest girls treat sexual adventures in a different way and on the other hand tourists visiting Hungary have also grown up and do not think about sex in the same way. There are many kinds of places in Budapest where you can find girls hungry for sex. It can be a pub, a bar might as well a restaurant.


Entertainment and sex in Budapest


If we are there for sure and do not want to make the situation complicated the best place to go and find sex in Budapest is a strip club, nightclub. We would like to highlight one of them where you will find safety and fantastic entertainment among beautiful girls and that is the P1 Night Club. The number one nightclub in Budapest, high quality shows and 30 beautiful girls are for the foreign guests. If you expect a high quality entertainment and erotic and would like to combine business meetings or friends’ clubbing with a bit of sexual experience in Budapest, this is the best place we can recommend you. If you are longing for youngish and sexy restaurants and bars where you can meet really beautiful girls you should go to one of the trendy pubs or restaurant in Liszt Ferenc square.

The most popular discos and places of entertainment are situated on Hajógyári sziget, where all age group is able to find the most suitable disco, music and partner for themselves.